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A trustworthy website

With the rise in identity theft and the need for consumers to feel protected, internet users often look for a security seal before they proceed to figure out what a website is all about. It's important to protect your business and potential customers.

Quickly find the information they are searching for

Validated Trust can greatly improve the trustworthiness of your site. Trust can go a long way when consumers are looking for an organization. Keeping the needs of the consumer in mind is illustrated with a Validated Trust Seal.

Third party validation to insure the website can be trusted

When potential customers compare your site one-on-one against your competitor, the Validated Trust Seal on your site will convey to the customer that it is safe to do business with you. Trust is key and insuring the consumer is good business practice.
       Why Validate Your Site?
  • Increases the trustworthiness of your site to help you stand out next to competitors and gain the trust of potential customers.
  • Increases the chances of a sale with potential customers.
  • Build confidence with potential customers that are interested in you products or services.
       Validated Trust Pricing
Number of Sites
1 Site
2 - 10 Sites
$250.00 (first site) + $100.00 for each additonal website
11+ Sites
$250.00 (first site) + $100.00 for each site from 2 - 10
+ $50.00 for each additonal website from 11+
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