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Validated Trust
       Should My Site Be Verified
When you clearly show your visitors and prospects that your website and the business information on it has been independently verified through ValidatedTrust, you will quickly develop solid trust with your prospects. Questions about our services?

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       The Process of Verification
Once you register with ValidatedTrust we start immediately to verify the particulars of your business and your website. Points we follow up on, in our verification process:
  • The mailing address posted on the website is a legitimate postal address where a verification letter has been sent, and then returned by the operators of the website.
  • The site operators and business managers have been contacted through their personal telephone numbers to confirm their connection with, and operation of the website.
  • Additional information as provided by the organization has been posted to our records, and can be viewed by clicking on the ValidatedTrust seal.
  • Verification of the website's clearly stated privacy policy, and its enforcement, with regards to the procedures and safeguards in place to protect the personal, credit card and e-mail address information released by the site's visitors.
  • The business telephone numbers posted on the website have been verified as belonging to the website operators.
Should Your Site Be Verified?

When you show your visitors and prospects that the business information on your website has been independently validated through ValidatedTrust, you will easily develop confidence with your prospects.

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