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Validated Trust
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       Advantages to Web Searchers & Online Purchasers
Feel more secure before you make your final buying decision

When the ValidatedTrust logo is displayed on a website you have visited, you can be confident that the website has followed all the proper steps in protecting your personal information. This means less spam for you, and you will be assured that your private information is kept in total confidentiality. Save time spent researching websites and watch for our ValidatedTrust logo to assure the legitimacy of the organizations you deal with.

Websites which Display the ValidatedTrust Logo:
  • Operating with active, verified e-mail addresses
  • Have received, and responded to a certified mail letter
  • Have returned notarized information concerning both the company and the owners
  • Have forwarded photocopied pages of current telephone bills for both the company and an officer's residence
  • Have provided a photocopy of a senior officer's driver's license that matches the name and residence given in the notarized forms. We do not require Social Security numbers. If a Social Security number is forwarded to us by mistake, we will not keep this information on file.
What Webites Cannot Display the ValidatedTrust Logo?
  • Companies with fraudulent or non-existent phone numbers or addresses
  • Any business which has refused to allow customers to locate them when they have service issues
  • Any company with outstanding or unserviced complaints from customers that come to our attention
  • Any business which sells or otherwise provides client email address to third parties, under any circumstances
  • Any website that doesn't meet our standard criteria in regards to their privacy policy and your protection
ValidatedTrust Seal of Approval

Surf with the protection of ValidatedTrust. Instantly gauge the level of trust of any website in your browser's window.